What will urban life be like in 2030 and 2050?


As the world’s urban areas continue to grow, traditional frontiers are moving to make way for new spaces and ecosystems, both in established cities and in new centres of economic and social gravity. This rise of connected urban areas is reconfiguring the map of world urbanity, and in many cases positioning the city as the economic powerhouse rather than the state. This calls for both public and private stakeholders to explore on a global level the life in cities in the future, the evolving role of local authorities and the creation of new city models.

For the real estate professional, the route to maximising returns is to achieve the right balance between a global vision and a local strategy that considers local specificities. MIPIM 2018 will offer insights and inspiration, and tools for action, into how an understanding of world urbanity on a global and local level can translate challenges into opportunities for both private and public stakeholders.

More about MIPIM: http://www.mipim.com

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