News Syndication

Blau Journal is a leading media platform that publishes National & Global Real Estate News covering various sectors including Commercial and Residential. Our real estate content syndication program is targeted towards real estate agents, brokerage firms and industry blogs that would like to provide relevant industry content to their readers and increase traffic to their website and social media audiences.

You can choose from any of the syndicated feeds below at a nominal monthly cost. The feed is easy to integrate directly into your existing website. The feed is updated daily providing the latest real estate news to your readers. It another way to add value to your online audience.

We offer the following customized News Feeds below:

  • Global Real Estate News

  • National Real Estate News

  • Regional Real Estate News

  • Daily Deals

    • Acquisition Deals

    • Sales Deals

If you are interested in our news syndication service and pricing please contact us using the form below.

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