Irvine Company adds RideStop rideshare program at Santa Clara Square to pinpoint exact location of Lyft customers

May 28, 2019 – Irvine Company, Lyft (NASDQ:LYFT) and RideStop® announced today a new approach for easily connecting rideshare drivers and customers at Santa Clara Square – digitally-enabled signs...
Ridestop Santa Clara Square

May 28, 2019 – Irvine Company, Lyft (NASDQ:LYFT) and RideStop® announced today a new approach for easily connecting rideshare drivers and customers at Santa Clara Square – digitally-enabled signs that pinpoint the exact pick-up location.

Operational for six months, the RideStop system creates a seamless experience for Lyft drivers and the office customers and visitors at the 100-acre mixed-use community that is home to Amazon, Hitachi Vantara, AMD, Veritas, Analog Devices, Groupon, Whole Foods and others. The system establishes pre-set, easy-to-find pick-up locations that are easily identifiable by numbered yellow, black and gray RideStop signs.

“We’re very excited about this program because it already has improved the overall rideshare experience for our office customers and visitors by letting them know exactly where to connect with their rides,” said Todd Hedrick, regional vice president, Irvine Company Office Properties. “Besides saving them time, it increases safety by improving the flow of vehicles and people at our workplace communities.”

Since 2016, Irvine Company has provided office customers with a Lyft “last mile” program to get to and from Caltrain and Amtrak stations and Santa Clara Square. A driver with a 20-mile commute who instead uses public transportation will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.4 tons per year, according to the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

Stephen Hancock, co-founder of San Francisco-based RideStop, said using the new program is simple: Santa Clara Square office customers and visitors can now request rides from the nearest RideStop location using the Lyft mobile app. Riders can eliminate any pick-up drop-off location guesswork by going to the numbered RideStop sign (e.g., RideStop Santa Clara Square 4) that matches their Lyft app.

Meanwhile, RideStop enables Lyft drivers to quickly identify the correct pick-up location for their passengers, resulting in reduced pick-up times. The companies are already talking about expanding the program throughout Irvine Company’s California Coastal collection of workplace communities in Silicon Valley and Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties.

“We are thrilled to partner with Irvine Company and Lyft to provide customers a convenient option for travel to and from Santa Clara Square ,” Hancock said. “RideStop provides a solution for enhancing the movement of traffic and people by identifying optimal pick-up locations and provides rideshare services a more efficient pick-up/drop-off experience. All of this benefits riders, drivers, Irvine Company and the environment.”

“Through our partnership with Irvine Company and RideStop, we are able to make pick-ups and drop-offs more seamless, helping create a positive experience for both passengers and drivers at Santa Clara Square,” said David Kunst, general manager, Lyft Northern California market. “This is an exciting part of our ongoing efforts with local partners to remove some of the barriers of transportation.”

Hancock said the RideStop program is part of the evolution of the ways people now get to and from work and other locations.

“The way people move is changing. With the rise of additional modes of transportation, it’s important to form partnerships that allow for accessible and seamless ride options for both drivers and passengers,” Hancock said. “As transportation options continue to grow, this partnership allows real estate stakeholders a way to effectively manage a system to support the growing number of rideshare riders and helps property owners prepare for an autonomous future.”

The new RideStop program further deepens Irvine Company’s commitment to providing Santa Clara Square customers convenient transportation options.

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